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Amuka Capital is pleased to present the opportunity to invest with Zahlco in the acquisition of two adjacent sites in Brantford ON with the purpose of rezoning the land to be used for an eventual high-rise apartment building and townhouse complex. Project sites are located at 31-35 Chatham & 120-138 Market St., Brantford, ON

Zahlco’s management team has years of experience in residential & commercial construction and renovations throughout in and around the GTA. In recent years, Brantford has been ranked one of the top cities in Canada to purchase real estate due to favorable pricing,  growing GDP, increases in housing starts and population growth. It is also important to note that the City of Brantford is pro apartment development and they are offering rebates to builders due to high demand for affordable rental properties outpacing supply.

As it stands today, one site is zoned commercial with 50% lease up. The other site is represents 7 detached rental properties, all leased. Collectively, the rents will be able to pay off a large chunk of the interest expense of this project until construction which is a major risk mitigation factor.

Through a strategic rezone, Zahlco and its consultants believe that they can get an approval for a 9 storey 205 unit high-rise residential apartment building and 4 detached townhouses on 164,200 SF usable GFA.

There are risks and benefits to all investments and this summary is just for informational purposes only. There are no guarantees and the information noted above should not be relied upon as facts. Amuka Capital does not provide tax or legal advise so we caution you to engage your own legal counsel prior to investing. For more information on this offering, speak to your Amuka dealing representative.
Projected Return
~25%+ ROI/Year
Term Length
2 years
Investment type
Land Development