YDx Innovation (TSXV: YDX) – the next leap in esports and VR

ArKave VR:

  • Builds and operates VR arenas across North America. (Including one opening in Toronto this month. Stay tuned!)
  • Developed 3 new games with licensed IP from well known brands
  • Signed exclusive VR content deal with Disney to build VR on every Disney cruise ship, resort, hotel and theme park

GameOn Festival 2019

  • Festival that blends entertainment, esports and education to engage fans of all ages and their families
  • GameOn Youth League provides amateur gaming engagement
  • First date for 2019 will be Vancouver

Investment Summary:

  • $0.13/share with a full warrant at $0.20 good for 3 years
  • 4 month hold
  • RRSP / TFSA eligible (with most banks)
  • $10K min. investment

Closing April 24


Projected Return
Growth - TBD
Term Length
Liquidity Provisions
Investment type
Private Placement