SmartCool (TSXV:SSC) is a leading clean tech company that works with customers around the world to make their air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems more energy efficient using their own proprietary technology.

Their suite of retrofit technologies reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems (HVAC-R). Savings average 15% to 20% kWh.

  • 2.4MM+ sales in Q4-2018
  • 10MM in revenue projected for 2019
  • Industry leader in $100B commercial unit retrofit market
  • Some customers include McDonald’s, GE, Jaguar, and 7eleven


  • $0.05 share with $0.08 warrant (warrant good for 1 year)
  • Accelerator clause @ $0.11
  • Hold period of 4 months as per TSX guidelines
  • Min. order; 5K
  • RRSP / TFSA eligible

Amuka Capital received an allocation to take part in this private placement along with other leading securities firms focused in the micro-cap space.

For more information on the company, including this offering as well as their financial statements, please check SEDAR or visit their WEBSITE


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