Amuka Ventures has secured a block of shares in Tiidal Gaming Group Inc., a private eSports company that owns the Lazarus eSports team, a top 100 global ranked team.


Tiidal’s mission is to be the most culturally impactful eSports and entertainment company in the world.

  • Revenues are derived from competitive winnings, sponsorships, media rights, and franchise appreciation value.
  • Industry leading management and board of directors led by eSports pioneer Charlie Watson and former executives from PGA, ESPN, and Cineplex.


  • 500K allocation
  • Units of the LP are $1 per unit which relates to owning underlying shares. Speak to your Dealing Representative for more info

The Limited Partnership will invest at least 95% of what it raises into the investee company. Upon going public, the partnership will dissolve and 90% of the upside will be provided to the limited partners over and above their capital. We will have the transfer agent send the shares of the underlying company to each investor/limited partner. If the exit event is a sale/buyout, then cash and/or equivalent will be provided at exit instead of shares. See LPA for details

Disclaimer: For details of this offering, please refer to the Limited Partnership Agreement and Term Sheet. The numbers and information noted above are estimates and should not be relied upon as facts. Investors are cautioned to conduct their own research and review all the terms of the agreement prior to investing.

There are risks and benefits to all investments and this summary is just for informational purposes only. There are no guarantees and the information noted above should not be relied upon as facts. Amuka Capital does not provide tax or legal advice so we caution you to engage your own legal counsel prior to investing. For more information on this
offering, speak to your Amuka dealing representative.

Projected Return
Growth - TBD
Term Length
6 months - 2 years
Investment type
Private Placement