HVR Technologies Inc. “Hover the Web”

About the company:
Hvr is a unique Internet platform which allows for sharing and discussion anywhere on the web, leveraging its IP.

Using the company’s Chrome extension or iOS/Android app, users can post comments on any website, online image, or paragraph like a sticky note on the web for a select group or the world to see.

Instead of taking content from websites and moving it to a social networks or emails to share, you will now be able to browse the internet and share your thoughts, feelings, and content right on top of any website for your group of friends to see and discuss.

Company Summary:
• Successfully completed Chrome extension and in final stages of development of iOS/Android apps
• Have been awarded a US patent that includes 23 independent claims to be able to layer the entire web
• Projected to grow to 1 million active users in next 18 months
• Built strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Torstar, and ClearBridge Mobile
• Multiple opportunities to create value with their IP.

Investment Summary:

Amuka has reserved a $500k block of shares from the company and has set up a limited partnership for investors to participate.

Type of Security: Limited Partnership Units, $1.00 per unit
Maximum Offering: $500,000
Minimum Investment Size: $25,000
Eligibility for Investment: Accredited investors only
Pre-Money Valuation: ~$11.54MM (priced in)
Closing: September 2019


Disclaimer: For details of this offering, please refer to the Limited Partnership Agreement and Term Sheet. The numbers and information noted above are estimates and should not be relied upon as facts. Investors are cautioned to conduct their own research and review all the terms of the agreement prior to investing.

There are risks and benefits to all investments and this summary is just for informational purposes only. There are no guarantees and the information noted above should not be relied upon as facts. Amuka Capital does not provide tax or legal advice so we caution you to engage your own legal counsel prior to investing. For more information on this
offering, speak to your Amuka dealing representative.

Projected Return
Growth - TBD
Term Length
2-4 years projected
Investment type
Private Placement - SPV